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N4H Special Event Station – 1921 Hurricane

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Damage from the storm


The Tampa Bay hurricane of 1921 (also known as the 1921 Tarpon Springs hurricane) was the most recent major hurricane to strike the Tampa Bay Area and the second latest major hurricane to strike the continental United States in the calendar year on record, behind Hurricane Zeta in 2020. The hurricane peaked as a Category 4 with maximum sustained winds of 140 mph (220 km/h). After entering the Gulf of Mexico, the hurricane gradually curved northeastward and weakened to a Category 3 before making landfall near Tarpon Springs, Florida, late on October 25, becoming the first major hurricane to hit the area since a hurricane in 1848.

Estimated Track by the Weather Bureau

In Florida, storm surge and abnormally high tides caused damage along much of the state’s west coast from Pasco County southward. Several neighborhoods and sections of Tampa were inundated, especially in Ballast Point, DeSoto Park, Edgewater Park, Hyde Park, Palmetto Beach, and other areas in the vicinity of Bayshore Boulevard. Strong winds also damaged hundreds of trees, signs, buildings, and homes. Four deaths occurred in Tampa, three from drownings and another after a man touched a live wire. The storm left two additional fatalities in St. Petersburg. A number of streets in Tarpon Springs were littered with masses of debris, with many structures and trees suffering extensive damage. Overall, the hurricane left at least eight deaths and about $10 million in damage [Retrieved from]. Honeymoon Island State Park will be used for the special event station since the island itself was significantly affected by the storm. The storm washed away a channel on Caladesi Island (just to the south) to create Hurricane Pass. This pass now separates Honeymoon Island from Caladesi Island.

Image of Hurricane Pass
Hurricane Pass

Special Event Station

To commemorate the hurricane, operators from the Upper Pinellas Amateur Radio Club will operate from Honeymoon Island State Park starting Friday, October 22nd to October 24th, 2021. The callsign used will be N4H. Modes will be SSB and FT8. SSB frequencies are 14.265 and 7.265. Also for Parks on the Air (POTA) chasers, Honeymoon Island State Park is park K-1880.

Start time is 10:00 AM EDT (14:00Z) to 6:30 PM EDT (22:30Z) on each day Friday 10/22, Saturday 10/23 and Sunday 10/24.


For a 8 1/2 x 11 printed certificate, please send a large 9×12 SASE with a QSL card or your QSO information to the following address:

PO Box 1684
Tarpon Springs, FL 34688

One US dollar to help offset printing is appreciated–but not required.

For a QSL card, please send a #10 self-addressed envelope to the same address above.

LOTW – All logs have been uploaded to LOTW and POTA already.

For a PDF version of the certificate, please email with your QSO information (callsign, date, time, mode and email address) and a PDF certificate will be emailed to you.


Acknowledgments: NOAA Monthly Weather Review 1921, The Tampa Morning Tribune, The St. Petersburg Times, The Tampa Daily Times, The Plant City Courier, and The Burgert Brothers Collection.

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