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Winter Field Day 2022 Dry Run Fun

Some of the Field Day planning team members spent time at the Clearwater Fire Training Center today. We verified radios and laptops worked together for logging, verified the laptops could connect with the network, walked the campus for our new members and reviewed the list of items we still need for a successful event.

In attendance and in no particular order were: Jeff NE4C, Ryan KO4KGP, Alan W4UB, Jack N4KIN, Dee W4DCH, Fred W2SUB, Tom NY4I and Steve N4FOY.

Tom NY4I working on TR4W to Kenwood 590S communications. (Photo by Fred Botero, W2SUB)
Winter Field Day 2022 Radios and Laptops (Photo by Fred Botero, W2SUB)
1/2 of Jeff NE4C, Dee W4DCH and Alan W4UB (Photo by Fred Botero, W2SUB)
I’m not sure what any of use are doing here except Tom. Look it’s the other half of Jeff NE4C! (Photo by Fred Botero, W2SUB)

Jeff Palmer NE4C took Ryan KO4KGP and Fred W2SUB to the top of the short fire training tower for a aerial view of the campus but we didn’t get any pictures of that.

Steve Foy N4FOY also provided an impromptu training for the Voice Keyer that he installed in his Kenwood 590S (Video: WFD22-DryRun590VoiceKeyer We inadvertently transmitted CQ Field Day and were reminded we had the wrong weekend!

Below is an aerial overview of the campus:

Photo by Google. Annotations by Jack Kinney N4KI
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