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Club Presentations

This section is for presentations presented at club meetings (virtual or in-person).

March 2023KO4KGPMobile Comms
January 2023Ray W8RD6M The Magic Band
December 2022Bob K1NLS
Tom NY4I
Intro to Satellites
November 2022Fred W2SUB
Alan W4UB
Ham Radio East Lake High School
June 2022Fred W2SUB

Fred W2SUB

Fred W2SUB
Alan W4UB
Ham Radio Awards

How to Build an End Fed Half Wave Antenna
Antenna Analyzer Usage Field Day Training
March 2021Dee Hooker, W4DCH & Alan Streitman, W4UBStromberg Carlson 340V Restoration
February 2021Jack Kinney, N4KINGetting Started with JS8Call
November 2020Tom Schaefer, NY4IAutomatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) for Tracking Planes Via Radio
October 2020Tom Schaefer, NY4IUnderstanding Repeaters
September 2020Jack Kinney, N4KINGetting Started with JTAlert
August 2020Richie Cariello, AA2MFContesting
July 2020Tom Schaefer, NY4ITR4W to WSJT-X Integration
May 2020Jack Kinney, N4KINGetting Started with FT8
April 2020Tom Schaefer, NY4IDX Lab Suite
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