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Club Presentations

This section is for presentations presented at club meetings (virtual or in-person).

March 2021Dee Hooker, W4DCH & Alan Streitman, W4UBStromberg Carlson 340V Restoration
February 2021Jack Kinney, N4KINGetting Started with JS8Call
November 2020Tom Schaefer, NY4IAutomatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) for Tracking Planes Via Radio
October 2020Tom Schaefer, NY4IUnderstanding Repeaters
September 2020Jack Kinney, N4KINGetting Started with JTAlert
August 2020Richie Cariello, AA2MFContesting
July 2020Tom Schaefer, NY4ITR4W to WSJT-X Integration
May 2020Jack Kinney, N4KINGetting Started with FT8
April 2020Tom Schaefer, NY4IDX Lab Suite
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