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Club Net Script

Notes to Net Control Station in Red

Upper Pinellas Amateur Radio Club Trader/Trivia Net Script outline

CQ, CQ, CQ, This is Your Name, Your Call. Is the repeater in use? Nothing heard.

Does anyone need the repeater for Emergency use? Nothing heard.

The Upper Pinellas Amateur Radio Club Trader/Trivia net is starting.

This is a three part net:
1. Traders: Buy/Sell/Trade amateur radio related items
2. Discussion: Discuss an amateur radio topic
3. Trivia: amateur radio trivia

My Name is Your Name, Your Call and I will be Net Control today.
This net is held weekly on Tuesdays at 8:00pm local time.
The repeater frequency is 147.120 MHz +600 KHz offset PL tone 100 Hz.
The UPARC website address is

The Upper Pinellas Amateur Radio Club meeting is held on the first Saturday of each month at Palm Harbor Fire Station #65 @ 250 West Lake Road Palm Harbor.

The next meeting will be held on Next Club Meeting Date at 10:00am

The next UPARC Laurel VEC test session will be held on Next Club Meeting Date, @ 8:30am at Palm Harbor Fire Station #65 250 West Lake Road Palm Harbor. Walk-ins are NOT allowed. Pre-registration required. See club website for more info. You may also e-mail for more information.

Announcements: Upcoming Club Events
If there any other Announcements please come now. (Nothing heard)

We will now begin check in.
Check-ins, please give your call using ITU phonetics, name, and indicate if you have any thing for the net. I will take the first 3 Mobile and time sensitive check in’s come now.

We will now begin regular check in. Are there any check-ins from EchoLink? (Let the repeater drop so EchoLink users can go into TX mode).

The first 3 come now.
(Be sure to log all check-ins and return to stations indicating that they have something else for the net.)

The amateur radio related equipment sale and trader portion of the net will now begin
Those wishing to buy sell or trade Amateur Radio equipment come now. (Nothing Heard)

Open discussion: Pick a Discussion Topic

The trivia and exam question portion of the net will now begin:
Trivia – Your Trivia Questions
Exam Questions – Your Exam Questions

Last call for late check-ins from EchoLink. Let repeater drop to allow EchoLink late check-ins.

Any other check-ins?

Directions to NCS – No need to read to net: The rag chew for ONLY the first Tuesday of the month is on 146.575 Simplex. Otherwise it is on the repeater immediately following the net.

Please join us for the after net rag chew on this repeater (or 146.575 simplex) and at 8:45 for the 40M rag chew on 7.282 +/-.

This concludes the UPARC net thank you all for participating. The repeater is now returned to normal use.

Version 2.0.1 Last Updated May 15, 2023 by Jack N4KIN.

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