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August 2023 General Meeting Recap

President’s Award

Dee Hooker W4DCH

Dee received the President’s Award for service to the Upper Pinellas Amateur Radio Club and for being a past member of the Board of Directors. Congratulations Dee!

(L-R) Dee W4DCH, Fred W2SUB (Photo by Jack N4KIN)


There were two presentations: Awards and CW Key. The CW Key presentation was terrific. There were straight keys, iambic paddles, single lever paddles, keyers and more from vendors such as Bencher, Bengali, MFJ, Vibroplex, and more. It was great being able to try different styles of keys. You can see a few in the photo above. Sadly we didn’t get a photo of just the keys.

Meeting after the Meeting

After a morning of updates on the club and learning something new, some of us head down the road to continue the fellowship over lunch at Sonny’s BBQ in Clearwater. We had a good time, ate good food and some (don’t tell the XYLs) may even have consumed an adult beverage or two. Anyone is welcome to join us so come on down after the general meeting!

Photo by Fred’s Phone
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