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April 2019 Meeting Minutes

Alan Streitman W4UB called the meeting to order at 10:05 am at the St. Ignatious Church in Tarpon Springs.

Alan Streitman W4UB reviewed the Club’s goals and values.

The Pledge of Allegiance was given led by Jeff deGrasse K4JJD.

The 2019 Board Members and the Club meeting attendees were introduced.


Secretary’s Report – Jeff deGrasse K4JJD stated that the March 3, 2019 Meeting Minutes were posted on the. Jason Esterline N4BOZ moved to approve the meeting minutes, Dave Shuey WA3VRE seconded the motion, and the motion was passed.
Treasurer’s Report – Glenn Panazzolo N4ESU presented the report and stated that total balance is currently $3,501.05.  Dean Siegrist N0OAC moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report, Jason Esterline N4BOZ seconded the motion, and the motion was passed.

Technical – Alan Streitman W4UB reported that the repeater continues to broadcast anomalous announcements.  Because the repeater location is unavailable at this time, no correcting action is able to be accomplished.
HamWan equipment includes a weatherproof radome. The equipment is to be tested before its final installation.
Club Net Status – Glenn Panazzolo N4ESU gave the status report which reviewed all the net controllers and their check-ins.
VE Testing – Mike Branda K4HN reported one new Technician license and a General License was granted.
Communications – Jason Esterline N4BOZ stated all was working fine and that the messaging system worked well to notify the membership of the last minute meeting venue change.  Members may text UPARC to 84483 to receive text messages.
Field Days – The Club finished 8th in overall points and 3rd based on QSO’s for Winter Field day.
Summer Field Day will take place June 22-23 2019 at the same facility.  The antenna team is planning on expected equipment changes due to Tom Schaefer NY4I moving into his new radio shack.  Tom will bring his IC-9300 and Steve Foy N4FOY will bring his TS-590.  A single sloper antenna will be used at the tall tower to minimize interference that was experienced in the past.

Social and Events – Jack Kinney N4KIN noted our participation in the Florida in the State Parks on the Air event at Honeymoon Island April 6-7.  UPARC in the Park will take place April 20th. Part one of the Technician license training for the Fire House staff will be held at Station #65 April 27, 9am-12.  Part two will be at Station #65 May 11 9-12. Testing will take place after the training.
The Breakfast Social will be at Perkins on April 27.
The Florida QSL Party takes place on April 27-28.

Youth and Community Outreach – No report given.

Old Business
Nothing reported.

New Business
Nothing reported

Upcoming Events
Next Club meeting will occur April 6 at 10:00 with VE testing beforehand at 8:30.

Technical Presentation – Dave Shuey WA3VRE gave the Club a presentation titled ‘Test Equipment and Its Uses in Ham Radio’.  This equipment included DC active loads, RF dummy loads, scalar vector analyzers, RF attenuators, logic analyzers, communication analyzers, and spectrum analyzers.

Glenn Panazzolo N4ESU conducted a 50/50 raffle that was won by Dave Shuey WA3VRE. He donated the winnings to the Club.
The meeting was informally adjourned at 11:57.

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