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August 2023 Meeting Minutes

Fred Botero W2SUB called the meeting to order at 10:05.

Pledge of allegiance recited.

Board and member introductions.

July meeting minutes have been posted and approved as written.

Treasurer report (Jason Esterline N4BOZ not present) – income $404.88, current balance $10,242.02, 63 paid out of 67 total UPARC members.

VE report – 3 exam candidates. 2 Technicians and a General passed exams.

Net Report – 62 logins for the month.

GOTA Committee (Alan StreitmanW4UB) – Alan provided details to Orin K4OLE on an EFHW antenna build.

Repeater Committee- Repeater clock board battery was bad and has been replaced. Jack N4KIN has assumed the lead.

Hamwan – No change in status.

Training – Steve Foy N4FOY, Steve will hold a Technician exam course in Sept for ELCERT.

Monthly Breakfast with CARS –August 26th

Route 66 –Sept 9-17 –more info next mtg

Dee Hooker W4DCH received the Presidents award.

Alan Streitman W4UB to book Chesnet Park for Election Picnic on Nov 4.

The nomination committee will be composed of Dee Hooker W4DCH (lead), Jack Kinney N4KIN and Jason Esterline N4BOZ.

Tom Schaefer NY4I presented updates on the ARRL field score and improvement suggestions from participants.

919 total contacts (525 last year), 707 Phone, 141 Data, 71 CW. Bonus Points 1050. Total Score: 3308 (2756 last year).

The following suggestions for improvement were received from attendees:

Need more tall tower/antenna help.

Establish better antenna priority.

Look into setting up Hex Beam on Friday.

Ensure all stations can run FT8.

Designate someone to install signs on Belcher and at gate to direct people to the site.

Continue to improve the GOTA station. Perhaps move it into the hall.

Have a club presentation before Field Day about using WSJT-X and working Field Day (exchanges, etc).


Fred Botero W2SUB Presented an overview of Amateur awards:

ARRL LoTW (logbook of the World) includes CQ Magazine, QRZ, eQSL, POTA, IOTA, SOTA –Parks on the Air (Islands, Summits), Activators and Hunters, Special events: 13 colonies, Route 66, Lewis & Clark, US State awards –Worked all Florida (67 counties), Worked all Georgia (159 counties), etc., Individual country or international radio society awards (IARU, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, etc.) –available to anyone if you earn and pay, Ten-Ten International –10m only, Many, many more…, Note: High quality license frameable certificate available from QRZ.

CW Keys: Attendees brought their CW keys for show and tell, Tom NY4I facilitated the discussion.

50/50 results: Total $60 Gerry Pollack WR5N won, took $20 and donated the rest.

Next club meeting is on Sept 2.

22 meeting attendees. The meeting adjourned at 11:41.



Fred Botero 08/09/2023
Fred Botero W2SUB, President UPARC Date
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