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February 2022 Meeting Minutes

Upper Pinellas Amateur Radio Club Incorporated

Meeting Minutes

February 5, 2022

  1. Call to order

Alan (W4UB) welcomes meeting attendees to St. Ignatius of Antioch Parish church at 10 AM.

Pledge of Allegiance is led by Dee (W4DCH)

Alan (W4UB) is running today since Jack (N4KIN) has a work conflict.

  1. Introductions

Board members attending:

Alan (W4UB) (vice president), Dee (W4DCH) (secretary), Jason (N4BOZ) (treasurer), Ron (W4RFA) (member at large)

New members:

Joe (KO4VVV), Doug (KO4VVW), John (K2JWK),


Ryan (KO4KGP), Steve (N4FOY), Fred (W2SUB), Mike Branda(), Jeff (NE4C), Ray (W8RD), George (WB9AZV), Carl (W1YTV), Marc (K8LSB), Ray (K9EYT), Jason (K4FLM),


Bill Schafer() (new tech), Bob Bird (WD5IFT), Tom Havlick (KK4GVD), Charlotte Luria (KO4WNK), Joshua Luria (KO4VVX), Scott Berman() (zoom),

  • Officer / Committee reports

Meeting minutes approved as submitted by Dee (W4DCH).

Treasurer’s report: presented by Jason (N4BOZ):

President’s report (W4UB):

Field Day expenses are within the budgeted amount of 200$ per club (600$ total).

Monthly UPARC/CARS breakfast is on for the 26th at “Another Broken Egg Café”. A reminder email will be sent all members.

Hamcation begins on February 11th for a 3 day event. Great event for amateur radio enthusiasts. On-site communication is planned on 146.970 with 103.5 tone squelch per Jeff (NE4C). 35,000 visitors are expected per Ray (W8RD). Jeff describes the layout of the event. Major vendors will be there so opportunities for equipment hands-on will occur per Alan (W4UB).

50/50 raffle proceeds with Ron (W4RFA) selling tickets.

Winter Field Day recap for event last weekend held at the Clearwater Fire training center. SPARC, CARS and UPARC clubs participated in the 24-hour event. Originally planned as an outdoor event the stations were operated inside due to the cold weather. Results of field day are presented by Alan (W4UB) with score of 26778:

Very respectable score as compared to previous years. A lessons learned analysis is planned to identify any improvements. The SPARC club will not be participating in our next field this summer. Since our directional antenna was supplied by SPARC, a replacement is being planned for summer.

  1. Technical Presentation

Fred (W2SUB) presents test material as prep for license test.

Practice tests are valuable for test prep and should attain 80% correct scores prior to test Alan (W4UB). Tom (Ny4I) added that the ARRL handbook and antenna book are excellent resources for test preparation. Steve (N4FOY) is a registered ARRL instructor and can get a discount on materials from the ARRL.

V.  Adjournment:

Jeff (NE4C) asks the group if they have any suggestions for improving field day?

Jason recognizes the Field Day committee for a job well-done. A round of applause was received.

Thanks to Ron (W4RFA) for securing our meeting location for us.

At approx. 11 am meeting is concluded.

Minutes submitted by:  Dee (W4DCH)

Next Meeting – March 5, 2022

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