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July 2020 Meeting Minutes

UPARC Meeting Minutes 4 July 2020

Meeting opened by Alan W4UB at 10:12 AM

Pledge of Allegiance

Agenda covered

Introductions of Board of Directors

Secretary – June meeting minutes posted, motion to approve by Jason N4BOZ, seconded by Dean, N0OAC

Treasurer – Jeff, K4JJD Disbursement to Alan for climber, payment to CARS and payment to QTH.

Committee Reports

Repeater / Technical – Alan W4UB – no work has been done physically. Tom reached out to Clayton. We still don’t know what’s wrong. Expect to have a plan within two weeks. Tom advises that we need to move on this. Let’s allocate some cash to get it fixed.

Club Nets – Glenn, N4ESU – Total May check-ins 39.

Field Day – Tom, NY4I – Chat server running which kept people engaged. We made some contacts, folks had fun! Tom doing a session next Saturday on how to send in logs to ARRL (July 11).

Social Events – Jack, N4KIN – no events scheduled.

501c3 Incorporation – Alan W4UB – vote needed today. Tom explained why an agent is necessary. Alan discussed proxies, and how to vote in Zoom. Jason explains that Zoom will keep track. Results show that 100% voted in favor, 24 total votes.

Old Business – None

New Business – Tom NY4I to purchase and donate new hardline. Discussion ensued about various solutions.

Tech Presentation – “What I did on Field Day.”
Alan W4UB operated low power FT8 – 17 hours – 212 contacts – 448 points
Jack N4KIN operated 19 hours – 240 contacts FT8/FT4
Jason N4BOZ operated FT8/FT4 – about 100 contacts
Glenn N4ESU operated 12 hours – phone 276 contacts
Dee W4DCH had trouble with N1MM at first – 5 hours total – 30 contacts
Tom NY4I – around 200 contacts – FT8/CW/phone

Text Alert System – Jason, N4BOZ – used only for urgent matters. Text UPARC to 84483 to sign up.

Next Meeting – Alan, W4UB – August 1

Any announcements? – None

Motion to Adjourn – proposed by N4BOZ, Seconded by Jack N4KIN

Meeting adjourned at 11:15

Results of 7/4/2020 Bylaw update vote are as follows:

23 votes cast including proxies, 1 vote not counted, Member not in good standing – unpaid. 5 proxies received, 3 used, 1 member voted in person and 1 member did not designate a voter.

Total – 22 Yes, 0 No, Quorum 16
Bylaw Vote Carries

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