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July 2023 Meeting Minutes

UPARC Monthly Meeting Minutes For 1 July 2023

Fred Botero W2SUB called the meeting to order at 10:02.

Pledge of allegiance recited.

Board and member introductions.

July meeting minutes have been posted and approved as written.

Treasurer report – income $380.20 expenses $461.61, current balance $9841.60, 62 paid out of 66 total

UPARC members.

Net Report – 63 logins for the month.

GOTA Committee (Alan Streitman W4UB) – Alan, Dee and Ryan helped erect an HF end fed and

VHF/UHF antennas for Fred W2SUB. A ground rod was also installed.

Repeater clock board needs to be reseated.

Hamwan – In the coming weeks, Ryan will coordinate with Brian Fields to get the equipment installed and configured at the Tampa site.

13 colony contest starts today.

New extra class Rodger Reese KY4YC.

Fred presented the ARRL Field Day GOTA pin to all participants of Field Day planning and food committees and Setup and Teardown activities.

A Field Day postmortem zoom session will be held on July 5.

Steve Foy presented an overview of the Nano VNA.

50/50 results: Total $40 Delbert won $20 and donated winnings to the club.

Preliminary Field Day results – 921 total contacts (525 last year)


Total Score: 3326 (2756 last year).

Next club meeting is on Aug 5.

23 meeting attendees.

The meeting adjourned at 11:46.

Fred Botero
Fred Botero W2SUB, President UPARC
Signed Electronically

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