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June 2020 Meeting Minutes

UPARC Meeting Minutes 6 June 2020

Meeting opened by Alan W4UB at 10:12 AM

Pledge of Allegiance

Agenda covered

Introductions of Board of Directors

Secretary – May meeting mnutes posted, motion to approve by Alan W4UB, seconded by Jason, N4BOZ

Treasurer – Jeff, No activity at all. Significant charges in May.

Committee Reports

Repeater / Technical – Alan W4UB – Tuesday, 6/2, tower climber came. High SWR. Replaced connector, no change. Adjusted
the dipole, no change. Alan to try again with our own coax. Steve to contact local antenna expert to get tower climber names. Tom suggests replacing the hard line. Roughly 175ft. At $1.28, we would need to spend around $300. Tom and Alan would also like a polyphaser outside. Jason makes a motion to appropriate $1500 to get the repeater antenna fixed, Tom NY4I seconded. Motion carried. Thanks to ELCERT for use of their repeater. HamWAN – All operational, EchLink operation verified.
Alan W4UB to simplify the HamWAN slide.

Club Nets – Glenn, N4ESU – Total May check-ins 42.

Field Day – Tom, NY4I – No Field Day gathering at the Fire Training Facility. Plan is to operate from home. ARRL allows home stations (D) to contact other home stations. There are other classes, E station is a Home station not on commercial power. Another change is home stations use their own call sign, but submitted results can aggregate as one club, as long as everyone uses the same name. Tom to send out names to use. Tom will do another Saturday Zoom session on Field Day operating, and after Field Day, Tom will do a Saturday session on reporting. Lastly, during Field Day, Tom will have a Zoom session open for operating questions and Elmering.
Jason, N4BOZ wants to coordinate a local repeater to use for Field Day questions as well. SPARC Repeater is a candidate. Tom to notify everyone.
Alan, W4UB, concerned about separate names and reporting. We need to make sure everyone understands.
Richie, AA2MF, will run 3D; CW, FT8, and Phone.

Social Events – Jack, N4KIN – participate in Nets!!! Tom, NY4I doing Saturday presentations at 10:00AM on Zoom.

501c3 Incorporation – Alan W4UB – Forum contains copies of new by-laws and a delta list. Approval of By-Laws by the Board is necessary – Board planning to have member ship vote on approval at July meeting. A qurom of 26 is required. Jason suggests posting a proxy ballot on the web page. Tom, NY4I, confirms that vote by e-mail is in the bylaws.
Alan W4UB covered a summary of Bylaw changes:
There will be 5 Directors, 4 of which are officers.
We will employ a registered Agent at $50/yr to recieve notification.
Annual Dues payable in on January 1.
Each family / household has only 1 vote per dues payin member.
Voting electronically by proxy is allowed.
Additional record keeping and recording requirements to comply with Florida Statutes.

Alan again reminds everyone that a vote will be taken in the July meeting.
Bud asks if we have looked into 501c6 vs. 501c3. Jason N4BOZ clarified 501c6 is not appropriate.

Old Business – None

New Business – None

Tech Presentation – This month, Glenn N4ESU – “Virtual Shack Tour”
Glenn, N4ESU presented his shack.
Bud Nocera, WO4K presented his shack.
Tom, NY4I presented his shack.
Dean, NO0AC presented his shack.
Richie, AA2MF presented his shack.

Text Alert System – Jason, N4BOZ – used only for urgent matters. Text UPARC to 84483 to sign up.

Next Meeting – Alan, W4UB – July 4

Any announcements? – Mike, K4HN asked about in-person testing. Fire Chief says probably July.
Tom, NY4I asked Mike about testing at a park, outside. Mike, K4HN to look into it.
Steve, N4FOY – Reminder of Tom’s Saturday presentations.

Motion to Adjourn – proposed by Dean, N0OAC, Seconded by Jason, N4BOZ

Meeting adjourned at 11:50 by Alan W4UB

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