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May 2020 Meeting Minutes

UPARC Meeting Minutes May 2, 2020

Meeting opened by Alan W4UB at 10:02 AM

Zoom etiquette covered by Alan

Pledge of Allegiance

Agenda covered

Introductions of Board of Directors

Secretary – April meeting minutes posted, motion to approve by Jason N4BOZ, seconded by Glenn, N4ESU

Treasurer – Jeff, reported by Alan W4UB, Total balances $3,964.84, Membership 76

Committee Reports

Repeater / Technical – Alan W4UB – Unable to repair antenna system due to COVID-19. Thanks to ELCERT for use of their repeater. HamWAN – All operational, EchoLink operation verified, Tom, NY4I can’t access the mini-computer, probably needs reset.

Club Nets – Glenn, N4ESU – Total April check-ins 34.

Winter Field Day – Tom, NY4I – We placed 5th in the country, far and away best in the 3O (3 stations, Outside) category.

ARRL Field Day – Alan, W4UB – concerns about COVID-19 restrictions. Alan requesting comments from membership.
Jack N4KIN proposes two plans – Normal Field Day if restrictions lifted (Fire Training Facility), Alternate Plan, members operate from home?
Jason, N4BOZ – We are very close and planning for Plan ‘A’ might be too late.
Jack – N4KIN – Hardware changes such as Laptops, Radios, might be too late to get ready.
Tom, NY4I – envisions something like UPARC in the PARK – we are used to an operator and a logger – this would be working alone due to COVID-19.
Steve, N4FOY – ARRL says proceed as you will.
Ron, W4RFA – Can’t see the Park or Firehouse working
Tom NY4I – Tom will convene a meeting to discuss. Meeting will consist of past committee members.

Social Events – Jack, N4KIN – participate in Nets!!! Tom, NY4I doing Saturday presentations at 10:00AM on Zoom.

501c3 Incorporation – Alan W4UB – Approval of By-Laws by the Board is necessary – Board planning a meeting next week. Next regular meeting we seek membership approval of By-Laws

Old Business – None

New Business – None

Tech Presentations – This month Jack, N4KIN – “Getting Started with FT8”, in June, Glenn N4ESU – “Virtual Shack Tour”

Tech Preso – Jack, N4KIN – “Getting Started With FT8”
Presentation uploaded to the Forum and our website.

Text Alert System – Jason, N4BOZ – used only for urgent matters. Text UPARC to 84483 to sign up.

Next Meeting – Alan, W4UB – June 6

Any announcements? – Jason, N4BOZ – Reminder of Tom’s Saturday presentations.

Motion to Adjourn – proposed by Tom, NY4I, Seconded by N4ESU

Meeting adjourned at 11:25

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