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November 2021 Meeting Minutes

Upper Pinellas Amateur Radio Club Incorporated

Meeting Minutes

November 6, 2021

  1. Call to order

Jack Kinney (N4KIN) introduced the officers to the 10AM picnic attendees held at Fred Howard Park shelter #8.

  1. Introductions

Board members attending:

Jack (N4KIN) (president), Alan (W4UB) (vice president), Dee (W4DCH) (secretary), Jeff (K4JJD) (remote/treasurer), Jason (N4BOZ) (member at large)

New members:


Ron (W4RFA), Mike (K4HN), Ryan (KO4KGP), Dean (N0OAC), Gerry (WR6N), Scott (KN4NNA), Dave (WA3VRE), Julie (NF1T), Delbert (KB8ONL), Fred (W2SUB), George (WB9AZV), Steve (N4FOY), Ray (W8RD), Karl (WA2KBZ)

Ron (WRFA) presents the slate of candidates for the UPARC board 2022. A quorum is present for today’s election based on 19 present and 5 proxies. A show of hands and voice confirmation confirmed that all attendees approved the election of these candidates for 2022:

Position                Holder                  Call Sign

President              Jack Kinney          N4KIN

Vice President      Alan Streitman     W4UB

Secretary              Dee Hooker          W4DCH

Treasurer              Jason Esterline      N4BOZ

Member at Large   Ron Appel            W4RFA

5 proxies were received:

Tom (NY4I), Glenn (N4ESU), Tim (W4EKP), Dan (KB4BOQ), Ken (WQ3V)

Jack (N4KIN) announces that Jeff (K4JJD) is moving to Michigan and a round of applause was given for his service to the club.

Steve (N4FOY) was the winner of the fox hunt.


Picnic concluded at approx. 2:30.

Minutes submitted by:  Dee (W4DCH)

Next Meeting – December 4, 2021

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