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November 2022 Meeting Minutes

Upper Pinellas Amateur Radio Club Incorporated

Meeting Minutes

November 5, 2022

Jack welcomes meeting attendees to John Chestnut Park Shelter #11.

Board members attending:

Alan (W4UB) (vice president), Jason (N4BOZ) (treasurer), Ron/Ruth (W4RFA) (member at large), Dee (W4DCH) (secretary)


Ryan (KO4KGP), Sam(), Rob (WD4IFT), Richard (KO4TSO), Dick (KB4RS), Delbert (KB8ONL), Dave (WE3VRE), Tamara (K4TMY), Dean/Sara(N0OAC/N0UKS), Bob (K1NLS), Ray (W8RD), Lucilo (KB4DSL), Fred/Denise (W2SUB), Steve (N4FOY) ARRL Tech Specialist,  Olev/Karen (KO4WUB), Dan (KB4BOQ), Josh (KO4VVX), Tim (W4OH), Glen (N4ESU), Tom (Ny4I), ken (K04V), Ken (WQ3V), Mike (K4HN), Debra Gottfried, Scott Berman

Voting begins under the direction of Jack. The slate of candidates has been set and nominations will not be accepted from the floor. Proxy votes are called for. Ballots are distributed. One per family. Introduction of candidates proceeds. Ballots are collected by Jack. Dee and Jack will count the votes. 2 unsigned ballots were received. Count performed by Jack and verified by Dee.

Fred is president, Ron is vice president, Alan is secretary, Jason is treasurer and Ryan is member at large. 24 ballots were counted. Ron asks the attendees if there are any concerns with the results of the election and none were noted. A motion to accept the results is received from Steve (N4FOY) and Lew (KB4DSL) seconded.

Jason is introduced by Jack and the meeting continues with the treasurers report. 8.36$ in dues were collected for the month of October. Raffle proceeds of 26$. Dividend payment for 63 cents was received. 84 cents in credit card fees. Club liability insurance was paid at 200.00$. Equipment insurance of 408.04$ paid. 60 members with 4 of them as free members.

Insert treasurers slide here:

Jack reminds us of the new process for collecting dues which began last year. You should receive an invoice by email concerning your dues. Corrections to your address can be requested from

Jack introduces Fred who will provide an update on the recent ARRL grant submission.

Raffle ticket sales are completed by Ron. 56 dollars in the pot. 28 dollars are awarded to the winner.

Minutes submitted by:  Dee (W4DCH)

Next Meeting – December 3, 2022


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