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October 2021 Meeting Minutes

Upper Pinellas Amateur Radio Club Incorporated

Meeting Minutes

October 2, 2021

  1. Call to order

Jack Kinney (N4KIN) called the meeting at Fire Station #65 to order at 10:04.

Pledge of Allegiance

  1. Introductions

Board members attending:

Jack (N4KIN) (president), Alan (W4UB) (vice president), Dee (W4DCH) (secretary), Jeff (K4JJD) (remote/treasurer), Jason (N4BOZ) (member at large)

New members:

Fred Botero (K04RVY) passed the Extra exam this morning.

Attendees (see Zoom log):

Tom (NY4I), Dean (N0OAC), Jeff (K4JJD)

Ryan (KO4KGP) Fred(K04RVY), Ron (W4RFA), Tim (AA4WH),  Ray (W8RD), Gerry (WR6N), Ken (WQ3V), Mike (K4HN),

Officer / Committee reports

Secretary’s report: Minutes for last meeting are approved pending correction requested by Alan (W4UB) for Ken’s (WQ3V) call-sign.

Treasurer’s report (Jack N4KIN): Jeff (K4JJD) is permanently relocating to Michigan. 16.00$ donation received. 13.00$ received for shipping, CARS expense should be removed. 273.37$ in checking 3883.34$ in savings. 86.00$ in petty cash for a total of 4242.71$. 61 paid members. Field Day expenses owed to us have been received from our sister clubs.

(((((insert financial slide here)))))

Vice President’s report (Alan W4UB): Club Repeater is functioning normally. HAMWAN and Echo-link efforts will continue today with the replacement of a router. Tom (NY4I) has been testing from his QTH. Jack (N4KIN) announced the availability of an ICOM product that functions as a D-STAR and analog repeater. Some discussion of how D-STAR would co-exist with analog traffic. Space management in the repeater closet discussed in terms of cost/benefit of smaller devices.


4 nets were held last month. Ken (WK4KM) had highest participation.

(((((insert net report slide here)))))

Jack (N4KIN) presented annual participation slide.

(((((insert slide here)))))

President’s report (Jack N4KIN): Proposed that the day of the weekly club net be changed to resolve Gerry’s (WR6N) schedule conflict. The ARES net among others is on Tuesday night so we want to ask the club what their preferred day would be for our 8p club net.

The club breakfast continues at “Another Broken Egg” on the 23rd of October.

Special Event Station update for the “100 year anniversary” of the hurricane. Osprey Center is provided for our use on 22 October through the 24th. Trees are off-limits for antenna radiator support. Support of a mast should be ok as planned by Alan (W4UB). Use of bands outside of the announced frequencies are allowed.  ARRL SES listed web link is now redirected to the UPARC website. Ray (W8RD) will confirm with ranger that access to Osprey Center is allowed during park hours only.

Nominating committee reports the list of candidates for next term:

Position                Holder                  Call Sign

President               Jack Kinney           N4KIN

Vice President      Alan Streitman     W4UB

Secretary              Dee Hooker          W4DCH

Treasurer              Jason Esterline      N4BOZ

Member at Large   Ron Appel            W4RFA

(((((insert election slate slide here)))))

Bylaws don’t prevent members of the nominating committee from running for office.

Meeting site for next month is planned for a nearby park shelter (TBD). Jack (N4KIN) will reserve a shelter for the picnic and election event.

“UPARC in the park” is not currently planned but members are encouraged to let the board know about any plans or opportunities.

License testing is occurring at 0830 prior to this meeting. Please register with Mike (K4HN) prior to the day of testing. No walks-ins allowed.

3 tests were administered this morning as follows, 1 technician, 1 general and 1 extra were awarded.

Donation of a Elecraft K3 transceiver that requires a purchase of a hard-case at a cost of 150$. Alan (W4UB) mentions a pending donation of a Tentec receiver. Dee (W4DCH) collected 40$ from Mr. Berkhoff this morning.

Raffle begins with Ron (W4RFA) selling tickets.

Tech Presentation: Tom (NY4I) presents “Securing your network in a IoT age”.


Jason (N4BOZ) reminds us that attendance at our next meeting is important since voting will occur. Proxy voting will be supported. Protein will be provided. Please bring side dishes to share.

Jason (N4BOZ) asks for any nominations for board membership. None were received.

Jack (N4KIN) suggests that members join SLACK and adjourned the meeting at approx. 1140.

Minutes submitted by:  Dee (W4DCH)

Next Meeting – November 6, 2021

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