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October 2022 Meeting Minutes

Upper Pinellas Amateur Radio Club Incorporated

Meeting Minutes

October 1, 2022

Call to order at 10 AM

Jason welcomes meeting attendees to Fire Station 65.

Board members attending:

Alan (W4UB) (vice president), Jason (N4BOZ) (treasurer), Ron (W4RFA) (member at large), Dee (W4DCH) (secretary)


Fred (W2SUB), Richard (KO4TSO), Steve (N4FOY), Olev (KO4WUB), Joshua (KO4VVX), Bob (K1NLS), Gerry (WR6N), Ryan (KO4KGP), Tom (NY4I), Ken (WQ3V), Ken (WQ3V), Delbert (KB8ONL), Charlotte (KO4WNK), Gabriel (KS4GAB), Ruth (W2HUY) Mike (K4HN), Paul (WA2DSF),


Karen Isak

Pledge of Allegiance is led by Fred.

Jason presents the Treasurer’s Report (slide):

One new member was added. Andrew passed his test last month.

Mike reports the results of the license testing this morning. 2 new technicians licenses were earned by 4 candidates this morning and applause begins.

Announcements presented by Jason:

Elections will be held during our next meeting at John Chestnut Park shelter #11.

Testing will occur during the JOTA event so Volunteer Examiners will be required per Mike.

Zoom call for the JOTA event is scheduled for Thursday at 7p. Details will be distributed. Josh describes the facility in Lutz. Tents are available upon request for Saturday night

Ron asks if the UPARC in the park is still on for October 29th at Honeymoon Island? (Ryan arrives to a round of applause.) Alan states that Ray has agreed to reserve a shelter for us with power if available. 8$ per vehicle is the charge for entry. More details to follow.

Fred provides update on the election committee’s progress. Current nominee slide is presented and a last call for nominees is announced:

No new nominees were presented so the process is now closed. A quorum of one third is required of the approx. 55 current members for the voting process.

Jason announces that a brief business meeting will be after lunch for reports from the board. Proxy material will be sent to membership for use if you are unable to attend. It’s important that we have enough votes for a quorum. Ron asks if family and pets are invited. Jason explains that 1 vote per household is based on our current bylaws.

Fred recognizes Tom who emphasizes that the nominations are closed for this election cycle. New officers begin their term on January 1st.

Jason asks that we talk about the picnic part of the next meeting. The club will provide burgers and dogs and we ask that a side dish be brought to complete the menu. A survey will be sent out to coordinate the effort. Please take responsibility for getting your items promised to the park.

50/50 raffles tickets are now available from Ron. Josh wins.

Dee has submitted the corrected minutes for last meeting to the board.

No report on the weekly club net is available from Jack since he was evacuated out of the area for the storm.

Fred presents the “Route 66” event follow-up discussion with numerous members who participated. Lessons learned were shared. Good methods for managing pileups were described by Ryan. Tom asks about stations running split and none were noted. Good practices were not followed by all participants. Digital techniques were briefly described. Certificate request sheet completion pointers were provided.

Alan will present the End Fed Half Wave antenna kit material. Kit is sold by the ARRL.

SMS message distribution explained by Jason as good method for announcements. Jason coordinates the use of this tool.

Minutes submitted by:  Dee (W4DCH)

Next Meeting – November 5, 2022


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