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September 2019 Meeting Minutes

UPARC Meeting Minutes 7 Sept 2019
As taken by Steve Foy, N4FOY, for Jeff DeGrasse in absentia

•   Meeting called to order by President Alan Streitman at 9:59AM.
•   Participants pledged allegiance to the flag.
•   Introductions of participants and officers were held.
•   Minutes from August, 2019 meeting were discussed. A motion was made by Jason Esterline to approve, seconded by Gerry Pollack, voted in favor, motion approved.
•   Treasurer Report given by Alan Streitman in absentia of Glenn Panazzolo (see meeting presentation)
•   Repeater Report given by Alan Streitman. It had been reported that there was noise on the repeater last few weeks. Non recently.
•   HamWan project discussed by Alan Streitman. Our climber cancelled in August due to Hurricane Dorian. Committee plan to seek an alternate date to install this month (September).
•   Club Nets reported by Alan Streitman. 4 nets in August, total of 42 check-ins.
•   VE Testing reported by Mike Branda. We had 1 Tech pass, 1 General pass, 1 failure.
•   Communications reported by Jason Esterline. The reminders for the Net were missed last week due to hurricane Dorian.
•   Winter Field Day discussed by Alan Streitman. Dates are 1/28 – 1/29/2020. Volunteers should see Jason Esterline.
•   Social Events reported by Jack Kinney. September 21 is Radio Clubs in the Park (see forum calendar). A motion was made by Jason Esterline to allow $75 for food costs for the event, seconds by Mike Branda, motion approved.
•   Community discussed by Steve Foy. Boy Scouts JOTA is Oct 19. Steve asked for volunteers. Ken Martens, Jack Kinney, Alan Streitman and Steve Foy will volunteer. Steve to reach out to George Hourdas (Boy Scout Leader).
•   Steve Foy announced another Tech training course to be held Sept 14 and Sept 28 at Fire Station 65, at 0900 – 1330..
•   501c3 status reported by Ken Skaggs. He recommends articles of incorporation by Jan 1. Officers as of Jan 2020 will be listed.
•   Nomination Committee reported by Ken Skaggs. Slate of officer candidates TBA in October meeting, at which time nominations will be held.
•   New Business:
o   State of SARNET discussion initiated by Larry Sims. Help for support discussed by Mike Roats (Coast Guard). Alan Streitman and others sent letters to FDOT. It was asked by Mike Roots that we stop sending letters as FDOT were overwhelmed with the response. Jason Esterline said they are working through the issue. Information is at
o   Mike Branda discussed Maker Faire volunteers which are needed for Nov 9/10 in Orlando.
o   Tom Schaefer discussed the St. Pete Times Science festival is Oct 19. Details at
•   Tech presentation presented by Tom Schaefer on installing a residential tower.
((At this point in the meeting, President Alan Streitman had to leave the meeting. Jason Esterline, VP, presided from this point forward.))
•   Announcements:
o   Text alert system reviewed
o   Next meeting Oct 5, 2019
•   50/50 was held. Total was $68 with $24 to the winner. Steve Foy won and donated back to the club.
•   A motion to adjourn was made by Tom Schaefer. Second by Anne Nixon, motion approved

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