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September 2021 Meeting Minutes

Upper Pinellas Amateur Radio Club Incorporated

Meeting Minutes

September 4, 2021

  1. Call to order

Jack Kinney (N4KIN) called the meeting at Fire Station #65 to order at 10:00.

Pledge of Allegiance

  1. Introductions

Board members attending:

Jack (N4KIN) (president), Alan (W4UB) (vice president), Dee (W4DCH) (secretary), Jeff (K4JJD) (remote/treasurer), Jason (N4BOZ) (on vacation/member at large)

New members:

new ham was tested this morning.

Attendees (see Zoom log):

Jeff Hall (new tech), Ray (W8RD), Gerry (WR6N), Mark (KN4YQC), Mike (K4HN), Tim (AA4WH), Ken (WK4KN) Dee (W4DCH), Ken (WQ2V), Alan (W4UB), Ron (W4RFA), Ryan (KO4KGP), Tom  (NY4I), George (WB9AZV)

  • Officer / Committee reports

Secretary’s report: Minutes for last meeting are approved as submitted. Ron (W4RFA) requested that minutes include slides so that they are “stan-alone”. Secretary will proceed with that change.

Treasurer’s report (Jack N4KIN): Period reported is the month of August. $10.44 in dues received. $53.21 in donations. $14.00 in raffle proceeds. Donated Drake TR4A sold for $500.00$. Income $579.79 for the month. $19.17 to renew the call sign W4AFC domain name. $49.77 reimbursement for barbeque to Jason (N4BOZ). $277.33 in checking. $4221.52. $3082.14 in savings. Billing to sister clubs for Field Day expenses still outstanding and will be completed by next meeting.

(((((insert financial slide here)))))

Vice President’s report (Alan W4UB): Repeater functioning normally. Comment received about carriers on the repeater was received from Ken (WQ2V). HAMWAN efforts will continue after this meeting. Once available ECHOLINK access can be provided. Again, please use the repeater.


5 club nets with 64 check-ins. Alan (W4UB) received the most participation.

President’s report (Jack N4KIN): Announced the availability of a ICOM repeater that supports analog and DSTAR on the same frequency.

Next club breakfast is on the 25th at “Another Broken Egg”.

Nominating committee has been formed as Ron (W4RFA), Mike (K4HN) and Ken (WQ2V) List of candidates will be presented during our next meeting. Club picnic will occur in November where the election of officers will occur.

Mike (K4HN) announced that 2 new technicians were tested this morning.

Mike (K4HN) asked for Ham Fest volunteers.

Ray (W8RD) provided an update on the special event station. Event has been registered with the ARRL as callsign N4H. Will appear in next month’s QST mag on about October 9th. 100th anniversary of the 1921 hurricane that hit Tampa Bay as a cat-3. Callsign registered for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 10a Friday the 22nd is the start time. Runs through midnight on Sunday. Frequencies 14.265 and 7.265 were chosen. Call-sign may be used on any band. FT8 frequencies also selected. Frequencies will be included on the certificate and QSL card.

Ray (W8RD) can print documents for us. They will be addressed to the club with slash QSL to separate it from the other mail.

Webpage “WARD.NET/hurricane” has been established without any details now. We need to get a committee together to organize this event.

Ray (W8RD) is a park volunteer and has access to park resources.

Alan (W4UB) asks about available facilities. Ray (W8RD) can get air-conditioned indoor facility for event. Mentioned that mosquitoes are bad.

Alan (W4UB) suggests a site survey to determine antenna layout.

Ray (W8RD) asks about schedule for operations. Alan (W4UB) states that if equipment can be secured, we have more flexibility. The “Osprey Center” mentioned by Ray (W8RD) as a likely location.

George (WB9AZV), Alan (W4UB) and Dee (W4DCH) volunteered for duty.

A chatroom has been established on SLACK for this event.

Anyone with design skills to help design the QSL card and certificate please join.

Postage is paid by contacts so no cost to club.

Dee (W4DCH) asks Mark (KN4YQC) about historical documents from 1921 that could be used as a background for the certificate/QSL card. Mark (KN4YQC) mentioned an archive in Tampa has a collection.

“Friends of Honeymoon Island” planning to have a meteorologist at the October meeting.

Raffle begins with Ron (W4RFA) selling tickets.

Tech Presentation: Ryan (KO4KGP) and Tom (NY4I) are present “Lightning Arrestors”.


Jack (N4KIN) adjourned the meeting at approx. 11:10

Minutes submitted by:  Dee (W4DCH)

Next Meeting – October 2, 2021

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