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Technician Class

Amateur Radio Technician Class Training
September 14th from 9am to 1:30pm & September 28th from 9am-1:30pm


The Upper Pinellas Amateur Radio Club (UPARC) is conducting a training class for Technician Level Licensing in the coming weeks.

Study Materials

The official study material for the class will be Craig Bucks’ Technician Class 2018-2022: Pass Your Amateur Radio Technician Class Test – The Easy Way (Volume 6, ISBN-13 978-1985125643), available on

Any other study material, such as the ARRL License Manual, will augment the students study but will not be covered in class.

Classroom Schedule
The students will meet at Fire Station 65 on a Saturday morning 9/14 at 0900 for an introduction to the concept of Amateur Radio, such as basics on Amateur Radio transceivers, Bands, modes, and repeaters. Strategies for study will be covered as well as a Q&A session.

Students will then be sent to study on their own for two weeks, with a mentoring e-mail list and Facebook page available for question and answer. It is also recommended that the students download the HAM Test Prep: Technician app for iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, etc., to prepare for the exam.

After the two week interval, a three hour review session will be conducted at Fire Station 65 on Saturday 9/28 at 0900.

Immediately following the second Saturday study session, a Laurel VEC Test session will be conducted. The exams will be administered at no charge by the UPARC Volunteer Examiner team.

The course is free of charge it will be held at Fire Station #65, 250 West Lake Road Palm Harbor and is open to the public.