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Save SARNET – FDOT discontinuing support!

Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) management decided on Thursday August 15, 2019 to end all support for SARNET. This is NOT the SARNET Administrator. This action will have an immediate affect on SARNET since ongoing maintenance activities have also been stopped. In addition, it will lead to the slow-death of SARNET as problems occur that are not addressed. It is particularly disturbing that this decision was made in the middle of hurricane season.

If you are willing, we need you to send a letter or email to the chief engineer of the FDOT. We have prepared a form letter for you to print, sign, and mail to the FDOT. A link to it is below. You can also cut and paste the letter into an email if you prefer. Of course you are free to write your own letter. We only ask that you be courteous and professional in your comments so we can move FDOT back to a supporting position for this important communications resource.

Please get the word out and thank you for your help!

Link to Letter in Word Format
Link to Letter in PDF Format

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