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September 2023 General Meeting Recap

President’s Award

Jason Esterline N4BOZ

Jason received the President’s Award for the following:

    • Outstanding Service to the Club
    • Long Time Board Member
    • Contributor to all Club events

Congratulations Jason!






There were two presentations: Route 66 … Read the rest

Congratulations to the March License Test Takers

Congratulations to these new or upgraded hams. Well done!

Name Call Sign License Class
Joseph Nicolosi KO4VVV General
Joe Cook KO4YGR Technician
William Poe W9WEI Extra
Venkatesh Vurputoor KO4YGS Technician
Joe Hughes KM5CTR General

Read the rest

Congratulations to our February License Test Takers

Those below either became new Hams or upgraded their licenses. Great job!

Dawn O Rosenlund, KO4WNI Technician
William Schaefer, KO4WNJ Technician
Joshua Luria, KO4VVX General
Charlotte Luria, KO4WNK Technician
Jackson Kotch, KO4WNL Technician
Michael E Harris, KO4WNM Technician
Doug Adams, … Read the rest

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