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UPARC Website Posts on Twitter

If you are a fan of #Twitter you can now receive UPARC website posts via #Twitter. Just follow @UPARC1 in your favorite #Twitter app. When we post, you will see it on #Twitter. #amateurradio… Read the rest

Real-time Field Day Status

We have a real-time status display of the operation at this year’s Field Day. The contacts are tracked in real-time and available in several handy graphs. If you can’t make it to Field Day but want to check on our … Read the rest

Weekly Net Tonight

Our weekly Traders & Trivia Net is this evening at 8:00pm on the club repeater. (147.120Mhz + PL100)

Immediately following is our 2m (146.575Mhz), then 40m (7.282Mhz +/-) rag chews

Please join us for some fun!

Read the rest

Bylaws Update

On 7/4/20 the membership voted to accept the bylaws revisions necessary to become a Not-For-Profit Corporation, 22 in favor, 0 against. The first step in this process is incorporation in Florida. Thanks to all that contributed to the successful accomplishment … Read the rest

Pinellas Emergency Operations Call for Volunteers

Who : Pinellas EOC / Clayton Parrott

What: Point of drop off for PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment)

When: Wed, Thurs, Friday, Maybe Saturday This week. 3/25-3/28 8AM-8PM

Where: An un-named Church in Tarpon Springs (To be announced)… Read the rest

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