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April 2023 Meeting Recap

Photo by Jack N4KIN

President’s Award

Alan Streitman W4UB

Need an antenna? Alan. Need a balun? Alan. Radio isn’t working? Alan. MARS mod your Icom 7300? Alan. I could keep going but it’s probably easier to list what Alan hasn’t done for the club or club members since he got his ticket and joined the club. Not one to sit still he’s always helping someone or working on a project. The author likely wouldn’t be on the air without him. Congratulations on receiving the President’s Award this month. Well earned!



What is a QSL? Why do you want to QSL? Who do you QSL? When should I QSL? When should I send a QSL? All important questions that could be asked about the QSL process. Tom provided a informative presentation detailing how the QSL process works and how you can start. Hopefully we’ll get his PowerPoint deck so we can add it to the website. Now where can I find my

Meeting after the Meeting

After a morning of updates on the club and learning something new, some of us head down the road to continue the fellowship over lunch at Sonny’s BBQ in Clearwater. We had a good time, ate good food and some (don’t tell the XYLs) may even have consumed an adult beverage or two. Anyone is welcome to join us so come on down after the general meeting!

Photo by Jack N4KIN
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