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October 2023 General Meeting Recap

President’s Award

Karen Isak KQ4HNI

Karen received the President’s Award for the following:

Progression in Amateur Radio skills, outstanding attitude and great cookies!

Congratulations Karen!



We had a terrific presentation on Flex Radios by Michael Walker VA3MW from … Read the rest

June 2023 General Meeting Recap

President’s Award

Josh KO4VVX & Melissa KS4MOM Luria

“In recognition of your outstanding contributions and achievements in service to the Upper Pinellas Amateur Radio Club for the following:

Promoting amateur radio to scout organizations and organizing an outstanding JOTA event.”… Read the rest

May 2023 General Meeting Recap

President’s Award

Ryan Rager AF4O

Has anyone known Ryan to not be doing Amateur Radio? Anyone? Ryan is always ready, willing and able to deploy for anything Amateur Radio related: Need help putting up a wire? He’s there. Need help … Read the rest

April 2023 Meeting Recap

President’s Award

Alan Streitman W4UB

Need an antenna? Alan. Need a balun? Alan. Radio isn’t working? Alan. MARS mod your Icom 7300? Alan. I could keep going but it’s probably easier to list what Alan hasn’t done for the club … Read the rest

March 2023 General Meeting Recap

President’s Award

Tom Schaefer NY4I

One of the founders of the Upper Pinellas Amateur Radio Club, Tom is an Extra Class operator who loves all things Amateur Radio. An Elmer who has helped the club and many of it’s members … Read the rest


Without knowing the exact severity of impact Hurricane IAN will have on North Pinellas County we wanted to let you know that viability of having our meeting this Saturday is being evaluated at this time and we will formally announce … Read the rest

January Meeting this Saturday!

* * * P L E A S E R E A D * * *

We are NOT meeting at the fire station due to the community room being closed. Click Details below.

Hope you didn’t show up at … Read the rest

Tim Duffy K3LR: Grounding & Bounding

December Meeting: Technical Presentation

Tim has been an active contest operator for 49 years. He has hosted over 145 different operators as part of the K3LR multi operator DX contest efforts since 1992 – which have made over 800,000 QSOs. … Read the rest

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