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Why People Say “This Is” when Checking into a Net.

You may have listened to a local 2m net and heard people saying “This Is” before they give their call sign during check-ins. An alternative is they may say “Net Control” instead of “This is”. Plus there is the combined … Read the rest

HamWAN Update

The Repeater Team had a work session on the HamWAN environment after the September meeting. Below are a few updates:

  • HamWAN radio on tower is working.
  • Resolved issue where another HamWAN user was using our IP address.
  • Inquiring with the

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UPARC Repeater Online Again!

There’s a lot positivity from the repeater team that the repeater is fixed for good!

A few upcoming changes:

  • COMPLETED – Install original Kenwood repeater.
  • Connect HamWAN to the repeater.
  • Connect Echolink to the repeater.

PLEASE use the repeater and … Read the rest

Repeater Status Page

March 24, 2020

We are working with local tower repair companies to schedule a climber, however have been impacted by the Corona Virus.

March 18, 2020

Alan W4UB visited the site and upon checking the antennas with an antenna analyzer, … Read the rest

Echolink Progress

Today we connected the audio output of the repeater to the Echolink PC. The repeater controller doesn’t recognize the PTT from Echolink so transmitting will not work. Tom NY4I will be doing some research on that front.… Read the rest

What is this HamWAN thing again?

For those that may not recall—or are new to the club—HamWAN is a project with the goal to use commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components to establish a high-speed data link. Think WiFi but at 5.6 Ghz across greater distances and with … Read the rest

HamWAN Deployed!

Thanks to some great people, we were able to mount and align the HamWan antenna. Due to it’s highly directional characteristics it took several hours to accomplish. Bottom line we were able to connect to the internet and watch a … Read the rest

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