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August 2019 Meeting Minutes

UPARC Meeting Minutes August 3, 2019

Alan Streitman W4UB called the meeting to order at 10:00 am at Fire Station 65 in Palm Harbor.

Alan Streitman W4UB reviewed the Club’s goals and core values.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Jason Esterline N4BOZ.

The Agenda overview was presented.

The Club Board members and meeting attendees were introduced belatedly.

A new Technician Ann Nixon was introduced to the Club.

The passing of Jim Keller W4WWJ was announced to the Club.


Secretary’s Report – Jeff deGrasse K4JJD stated that the July 6, 2019 Meeting Minutes were posted on the Forum. Glenn Panazzolo N4ESU moved to approve the meeting minutes, and the motion was passed.
Treasurer’s Report – Glenn Panazzolo N4ESU presented the report.  There are 60 current members. The total balance is currently $3,567.  Jason Esterline N4BOZ moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report, Mike Branda K4HN seconded the motion, and the motion was passed. Jason Esterline N4BOZ noted that all of the Summer Field Day financial obligations have been fulfilled.

Technical – Alan Streitman W4UB reported that the repeater was running well. There has been noise during the nets. Jack Kinney N4KIN reported noise and that he usually never gets noise. Jason Esterline N4BOZ suggested examining the connectors for moisture. This warrants further investigation.
HamWan – Alan Streitman W4UB stated the antenna equipment has successfully checked out. Clayton Parrot plans to install the equipment this month hopefully before the next Club meeting. HamWan supports EchoLink and is intended for internet connections during emergencies. Need to check with Tom Schaefer NY4I to see if HamWan provides WiFi capability. HamWan depends on a clear line of sight and will not provide DStar functionality
Club Net Status – Glenn Panazzolo N4ESU reported 61 total check-ins for July. A call for more net controllers was issued.
VE Testing – Mike Branda K4HN conducted two sessions. The Oldsmar Fire Station had 7 Technician candidates with 6 eventually passing. The Club session granted 1 General and two Technician licenses.
Communications – Jason Esterline N4BOZ stated that the Club website migration to the WordPress based platform was completed in mid-July.  The new site  is now fully functional.
ARRL (Summer) Field Day – Alan Streitman W4UB stated that Tom Schaefer NY4I submitted the Field Day results to ARRL. The score 4538 was down 12% from last year which was largely due to lack of local official’s participation and fewer logged contacts leading to fewer bonus points. A discussion took place to find ways reduce the noise at the radios.
Social and Events – Jack Kinney N4KIN stated the Breakfast Social will be at Perkins on August 24 at 9:00 am. SPARC, CARS, and UPARC are planning a joint deployment on September 21 at Eagle Lake Park in Largo. The Scouts Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) is scheduled for October 19 and will be very similar to last year’s event.
Youth and Community Outreach – Steve Foy N4FOY reported the Oldsmar Fire Station Ham radio Technician license training and testing took place July 13 and July 27.  The second session attendance was hampered by attendee vacations. These sessions were closed to the public but Steve Foy N4FOY is planning to conduct additional sessions in September with public access.
Nominating Committee – Ken Scaggs WQ3V (lead), Kevin Poorman KV4CT, Mike Branda K4HN, and Ron Appel W4RFA have volunteered to participate on this committee.

Old Business -Nothing reported.
New Business- Nothing reported.
Upcoming Events – Next Club meeting will occur September 7 at Fire Station 65 at 10:00 with VE testing beforehand at 8:30.

Technical Presentation – Jason Esterline N4BOZ gave the Club presentation that unveiled the Club’s new web site. He did a walk-through of the Club’s web Forum functionality that included the Forum messaging system and changing your profile.

A discussion took place regarding a radio contact call sign logging practice session that would be held on the repeater. It was suggested that simulated contacts could be recorded and that the Audacity application could be used to vary the speed of the contact’s conversation.  At least 10 members expressed interest in participating.

Steve Foy N4FOY reviewed Club’s phone messaging system for the benefit of the new members.
Glenn Panazzolo N4ESU conducted a 50/50 raffle.
Bob Giglio NB2G moved to adjourn the meeting which occurred at 11:38.

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